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Can You Buy a Single Masterclass? Get the Real Answer

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By Scott Winstead

can you buy a single masterclass

Masterclass is a popular online learning platform that offers tons of courses in a wide range of subjects taught by a world-renowned expert in their field, such as Gordon Ramsay for cooking or Serena Williams for tennis. While Masterclass pricing follows a subscription model (like Netflix or other streaming services), paid annually, some people wonder if there’s a way just to make a one-time purchase of a single class.

Maybe you’re only interested in one specific course, and the other 100+ classes don’t appeal to you. Or maybe you just don’t like having an ongoing subscription that you have to keep paying and possibly forget to cancel when you’re no longer using it (believe me, I get it).

Whatever the reason, you’re here asking the question, “Can you buy a single Masterclass?” At this time, you no longer can buy classes individually, but in this guide, I’m going to answer this question more in-depth with some helpful information about the nuances of the app’s pricing model.

How much does a Masterclass subscription regularly cost?

masterclass price

Masterclass has a few different pricing options available, ranging from $10 to $20 a month billed annually. In other words, the plans range from $120 to $240 a year.

The only real differences between each of the 3 plans offered are the number of simultaneous streams allowed and whether or not you have access to download Masterclass videos for offline viewing. All plans give you unlimited access to all 180+ on-demand courses as well as original series, MasterClass Sessions, and everything else MasterClass offers.

All Masterclass membership plans are scheduled to be renewed automatically each year, so that’s something you have to keep an eye on if you’re thinking about canceling.

You can click here to learn more about these plans.

Can you buy a single Masterclass instead of subscribing to the service?

Now for the question you’ve been waiting for — can you buy a single Masterclass?

Masterclass used to offer the option to purchase a single class (usually around $90 for a class), but that’s no longer an available option as of right now. The company phased out its a la carte offerings, and now only offers a subscription model that requires an annual membership.

While this does mean you have to commit to a longer period of time (usually 1 year), it may work out better for you in the long run if you think you’ll be using Masterclass frequently. Plus, there are often sales and discounts available for Masterclass that can help bring down the overall cost.

So, just to be clear, you can’t just buy a one-time class on Masterclass like you could on Udemy or Skillshare. You have to subscribe to the service and then cancel it if you no longer want it.

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Final Thoughts

Masterclass is a popular online learning platform that offers tons of different courses with video lessons taught by world-renowned celebrity experts. You can watch MasterClass on just about any device, from smartphones to tablets to computers to TVs, letting you learn wherever you go.

With such popular instructors and highly rated online courses, it’s understandable that some might wonder if there’s a way to just buy a single class without subscribing to the service.

Unfortunately, that’s not an option at this time. Masterclass only offers subscriptions that renew annually unless you cancel them. However, with the Masterclass cost starting at only $10 a month is really reasonable when you consider the number of courses they offer and the quality of the instructors.

Click here to visit the Masterclass website to learn more.

Do you think you should be able to buy a single Masterclass without a subscription? How much would you be willing to pay for a course? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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