VideoScribe Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2022)

Looking into VideoScribe pricing and wondering which plan would be best for you and your needs?

Our guide takes a detailed look at all of the plans offered by VideoScribe so you can easily decide which is best.

VideoScribe is a fantastic whiteboard animation software that is easy to use and makes incredible animations. It’s available for Mac and Windows users and is completely beginner-friendly. VideoScribe is set up in a way that prior skills aren’t required. VideoScribe has many effects and various tools to make your animation videos awesome.

This article takes a look at each of the plans offered by VideoScribe in detail. By the end of the article, you will be able to identify which plan would be most impactful for your brand or business.

It’s important to note that VideoScribe offers a 7-day free trial without a credit card on file. During that free trial, you have access to many incredible benefits with this whiteboard animation software.

A few impactful features are:

  • Unlimited number of video exports
  • Standard definition for video quality
  • Access to many templates
  • Access to image library with thousands of premium images

There are three individual plans to choose from and a subscription for teams available from VideoScribe. Each plan offers incredible value and great features.

Let’s get started with our VideoScribe pricing overview.

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How Much Does VideoScribe Cost?

There are 3 individual plans available from VideoScribe. Each plan offers different payment terms to meet each individual needs best.

VideoScribe plans are payable monthly, yearly, and as a one-time fee. Fees range from $39 monthly to a one-off payment of $995 for lifetime access.

The difference between the plans offered is the payment plans. All of the plans from VideoScribe offer the same great features (except the FREE trial) with different payment terms to fit into your budget easily.

Compare the options offered by VideoScribe in our table below. Keep reading to find further details about each plan and figure out which offers the most cost-effective pricing for your budget.

videoscribe pricing


VideoScribe Solution Packages

VideoScribe offers 3 different Solution packages. They are excellent for teams and contain professional development and a workshop custom created for the team. These Solution packages are a great way to get the most out of the membership and include custom animations that fit the brand.


Fastrack – $1,675 SAVE $495

The Fastrack VideoScribe Solution package includes one half a day workshop custom curated for the team. It also includes one animated company logo for use in VideoScribe by Sparkol Studio.

Enterprise – $3,100 SAVE $695

The Enterprise VideoScribe Solution package includes one full day of a custom-created workshop. The package also contains two VideoScribe templates in company branding and one animated company logo in VideoScribe by Sparkol Studio.

Premium – $6,100 SAVE $995

This exclusive Premium Solution package offers immense value! It includes two full-day workshops custom-created for your team, five VideoScribe templates in your brand and one animated company logo for use in VideoScribe by Sparkol Studio.


VideoScribe Monthly Plan – $39/month

The VideoScribe monthly plan is a reoccurring payment of $39 per month. This plan gives the user access to all of VideoScribe’s easy-to-use features. Turn your ideas into whiteboard animations with little effort with VideoScribe. VideoScribe provides the user with tools to create captivating and engaging animations without needing expensive artists or producers.

Key Features:

  • Amazing image library
  • Tools to import music and fonts
  • Royalty-free music library
  • Save project online
  • Option to work offline
  • Record voiceovers
  • Tons of video making features to create high quality whiteboard animations

Who is the VideoScribe monthly plan best suited for?

The monthly plan offered by VideoScribe is best for creatives who don’t want a long-term commitment. It might be best for new creatives, or small businesses just starting out in video animation.


VideoScribe Annual Plan – $168/year ($14/month) Billed Annually

The VideoScribe annual plan includes the diverse range of tools and features mentioned above and is simply billed once per year rather than per month.

Who is the VideoScribe annual plan best suited for?

The annual plan is billed only once per year. This yearly VideoScribe subscription saves the user money over the year but does require an upfront fee of $168. This plan is best for creatives working with a budget and can fit the fee into it. This plan is a best seller and offers massive savings.


VideoScribe One-Off Plan – $995

The one-off plan offered by VideoScribe offers creatives a simple one-time fee for permanent access to the software and updates.

Who is VideoScribe’s one-off plan best for?

Thie one-off plan by VideoScibe is best for creatives who don’t want any type of subscription fee, yearly or monthly. It gives users lifetime access for a one-time fee.


VideoScribe Cost Q&A

Does VideoScribe offer a free trial?

Yes, VideoScibe offers a 7-day free trial.

Does VideoScribe offer multiple payment plans?

Yes, VideoScribe offers a variety of payment plans. Creatives can choose from being billed monthly, annually, or one time.

What form of payment does VideoScribe accept?

VideoScribe accepts PayPal and major credit cards.

Does VideoScribe have a refund policy?

VideoScribe is committed to having the creative user in full control of their subscription. For this reason, the software offers a free seven-day trial that does not require a credit card and offers a vast range of plans for different budgets. The user remains in control of their plan and can cancel future payments at any point.

What are some of VideoScribe’s best features?

VideoScribe prides itself on being simple, easy to use, and highly creative for all. It allows users to create whiteboard videos with little effort. Some of their key features are:

  • Flexible payment plans
  • Access to project templates
  • Import your own music
  • Add own watermark
  • Massive image library
  • Unlimited online support
  • More than 190 royalty-free music tracks
  • Work offline


VideoScribe Pricing Review

  • Monthly plan – Billed at $39/month
  • Annual plan – Billed at $168/year ($14/month)
  • One-off plan – Billed once – $995

You can try VideoScribe free for 7 days before signing up and choosing the plan that’s right for you.

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