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The 12 Best Girl Science Kits Your Kids Will Love (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

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By Fatima Mansoor

best girl science kits

With the best girl science kits, you can help foster a love for learning, give your daughter a head start and make science exciting to play with.

It’s so critical to get little girls interested in science. It’s not just about making sure that they grow up to be well-rounded adults; it’s about making sure that we as a society benefit from their unique perspectives.

Girls are natural scientists, constantly asking questions and seeking to understand the world around them.

It’s important to encourage this enthusiasm and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Thankfully, there are some great science kits for girls that not only provide hours of at-home amusement but also teach your children about different scientific subjects while they have fun.

There are a lot of science kits out there but don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top girl science kits on the market. We’ve ranked these products on a number of factors including their quality, fun factor, educational value, and budget-friendliness.

This guide has been fully updated for 2023 to include the best current options on the market today so you can be sure you’re giving your daughter the very best.

So if you’re looking to encourage your little girl’s interest in science and give her a head start on her future career path, check out our list of the best girl science kits.

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What are the Best Science Kits for Girls?

Here are our picks for the best science kits girls are sure to love right now…


1. KiwiCo Science Kits

KiwiCo offers a monthly science subscription box that’s delivered to your home with exciting, engaging activities your daughter will love.

Whether you’re shopping for a toddler or a teenager, KiwiCo has entertaining crates with activities and science toys your child can enjoy individually, with a sibling or friend, or even with you!

Because the activities are so diverse each month, it’s impossible to get bored.

If you don’t want their monthly subscription they also offer one-time kits you can purchase individually.

One of our favorites is the ice cream kit. Kids love ice cream and there’s a kit that lets them make their own!

Other activity kits include building a remote-controlled snake robot, making a domino machine, creating a bottle rocket, and more — all perfect for budding scientists.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Tons of activities so your kid never gets bored
  • Monthly crates can be switched at anytime
  • Individual kits are available if you don’t want to subscribe to the monthly plan
  • Fosters critical thinking and increases intelligence.
  • Each kit includes all the tools/materials and clear, detailed instructions needed to easily complete the projects
  • Kits for younger kids and older kids alike


KiwiCo pricing starts around $23.95/month for most crates.

Click here to learn more.


2. LEGO Women of Nasa LEGO Set

lego women of nasa

The Women of Nasa LEGO set is one of the most recent releases of LEGO Ideas set.

It consists of 4 Minifigures depicting female scientists, astronauts, and engineers from the US space program’s history.

This LEGO set is perfect for girls who love to tinker and build. It teaches them about important pioneers in science and engineering while providing hours of at-home fun.

The kit contains an instruction booklet which is one of the coolest features of any LEGO Ideas set. The booklet has all of the necessary building instructions which are super clear and simple.

While the Minifigures are undoubtedly the stars of the show, the kit also contains three 231-piece mini-builds.

Overall it is a satisfying kit with a clear and simple build experience that is ideal for beginners, particularly those who are Space enthusiasts.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Enhances your child’s interest in space
  • Great for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning
  • Learn about the careers of some of the most influential women of NASA
  • Science themed and Minifigure centric
  • Minifigures are extremely valuable collectibles.
  • It’s a simple build that’s perfect for beginners.


The price for this set is around $60 on Amazon.


3. Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Build & Bloom Building Set

build & bloom gears

This learning kit by Gears! is an entertaining and ideal set for developing young children’s engineering skills.

Kids’ ambition to construct and their love for flowers will bloom with this product from Well Learning Resources. This Build & Bloom Building Set has 216 pieces, including a variety of colorful gears, flowers, stems, butterflies, bees, and other insects.

All of the parts may be swapped out, allowing for limitless combinations and designs. Allow your children’s imaginations to run wild!

Key Features And Benefits

  • Helps to develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Interchangeable parts for an infinite number of combinations
  • Encourages children to consider how the pieces function and interact.
  • Stimulates creativity among the children
  • Reasonably priced
  • Suitable for children aged 4 and up


The price for this set is $49.99 on Amazon.


4. Thames & Kosmos Little Labs: Botany Ð Greenhouse

botany greenhouse

The Thames & Kosmos Little Labs is a perfect choice for kids who are interested in learning about growing plants and botany. It is specially made for younger children as it covers all the basics for growing a plant.

This kit will help your child to explore capillary action and how plant cells work. It is designed in a way to let your kids build an automated watering system that will keep the plants away from being thirsty.

In short, it is a good choice for young botanists to get their hands dirty with plants. The greenhouse domes are also included in the kit, however, they must be assembled.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Enhances the child’s building capabilities
  • A good pick for kids interested in botany
  • Grow beans and flowers to learn about the distinct needs of each plant
  • Experiment with capillary action and plant cells
  • Discover how roots carry water and nutrients throughout a plant
  • Comes with a 48-page full color illustrated guidebook for hands-on activities
  • Suitable for children aged 5 and up


You can get this set for $39.95


5. Mega Crystal Growing Lab

mega crystal growing lab

This crystal kit from National Geographic is an amazing gift for those who love to play with colors.

With this kit, kids will create crystals in six different colors and will also learn about crystal formation.

Crystals are stunning and they are surprisingly simple to grow. Your child will receive the materials needed to develop eight distinct crystals from National Geographic.

The kids will receive five gem specimens in the kit, which they must prepare and leave to grow.

Key Features And Benefits

  • A good DIY kit for kids
  • Kit includes an in-depth informational guide
  • Backed by National Geographic, a leading name in scientific exploration and educational toys
  • Suitable for kids aged 6 and up


Get this kit for $39.99 on Amazon.


6. Playz Lava Lamp & Glitter Tube

lava lamp

This kit by Playz gives children a fun and educational approach to learning about various classroom subjects through unique and engaging science experiments.

With this Playz science kit, kids can learn about the properties of light, acid-base interactions, and immiscible fluids, through entertaining lava lamp activities. This can be an ideal gift for girls on the occasion of Christmas or birthdays.

The set includes tools, ingredients, and an easy-to-follow instruction book that provides hours of educational fun at home.

Key Features And Benefits

  • The guide is filled with graphics and information making it easy to use
  • Kids will have hours of fun in their homemade scientific lab
  • An easier way to educate your youngsters in a fun way
  • Easy guidelines are provided in the form of a booklet
  • Suitable for kids aged 5+


The price for this amazing kit is $29.95 on Amazon.


7. Lauri Fun With Magnets

lauri fun with magnets

Does your child also show interest in refrigerator magnets? Then this Laurin Fun with Magnets might be a good product for them.

The Play Monster set is fantastic for teaching physics. It comes with diverse shapes and things your scientist will be needing to utilize in 14 experiments.

The child may learn about magnets, how they function, and how to make things with them using Lauri Fun with Magnets. The package is jam-packed with easy-to-understand activities and magnetic fun!

Key Features And Benefits

  • Can do 14 different experiments with this science kit
  • Has magnetic wands, wires, balls, horseshoes, rings, and many other items for experiments
  • Kids will discover the power of the magnet
  • I will get to know about how they work and operate
  • Great kit to make children busy
  • Suitable for kids ages 5 and up


This set is priced at $23.72 on Amazon.


8. Learn & Climb Kids Science Set

learn & climb science kit

Experimenting is always loved by children of all ages. The best part of science is you can learn from it all while doing different experiments. Scientific experiments are the most effective means of assisting children in grasping fundamental concepts. It turns a topic that might otherwise be boring and perplexing into something enjoyable!

With this kit from Learn & Climb your child can do up to 65 different experiments. They can make a sprout garden, slime, an active volcano, crystals, and much more with this kit. You will also get a colorful guidebook and a DVD for easy and clear instructions.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Experimenting is done easy and enjoyable
  • Ideal kit for aspiring scientists
  • The kit is a complete package of 24 pieces for 21 tests
  • Provides a hands-on experience
  • It is secure and enjoyable


You can get this experimentation kit for $27.99.


10. Bath Bomb Bonanza Science

bath bomb bonanza

Who says science is boring when you can do science in a bathtub? Yes, you read it right!

With this science kit by Playz, your youngster can have the science in a bathtub. Playz equips your child with the necessary instruments to make their bath bombs.

They can make different types of bath bombs by combining the given materials and watching them go fizz in the water. Almost 20 or above tools are provided to help the kids learn about basic acid and base reactions.

Key Features And Benefits

  • It is an engaging science kit
  • Makes children learn about new things and experiments
  • The kit comes with 20 tools
  • Clear, easy instructions are given
  • It is suitable for youngsters aged eight and up


This science kit Bath Bomb Bonanza by Playz is priced at $19.95 on Amazon.


11. MindWare Science Academy Perfume

perfume lab

What do girls like to wear every day after jewelry? The perfumes! With this amazing kit, your kid will be able to make her scent be it floral or fruity.

This kit will help the youngster in learning how to extract essential oils. It includes all of the necessary supplies such as stirring, bottles, base smells, sticks, and much more.

Key Features And Benefits

  • It will help the children make their favorite scents
  • They will get the knowledge of essential oils
  • Aimed for youngsters aged eight and up
  • Teenagers can also enjoy this product


Get your hands on this girls science kit for $25.77 on Amazon.


12. Kids First The Human Body Kit

human body science kit

This kit is great in terms of making your child learn about human biology and life. It allows children to investigate human biology and learn about the five senses through hands-on experience.

The Human Body Science Kit includes several experiments to try out and then relate to human body systems such as internal organs, muscles, the skeletal system, smell and vision, and the circulatory system.

This science package includes a 48-page full-color illustrated booklet that teaches the basics of human biology via exciting, hands-on games and activities.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Great for making children learn about biology
  • Help the kids to get involved in the application of scientific theory
  • They will learn about the five senses
  • Suitable for youngsters aged 5 and up


You can get this science kit for girls for $26.50 on Amazon.


What Should You Look For When Buying Educational Science Kits for Girls?

Buying toys for kids is and will never be an easy task. We have crafted a list of factors you should look at before purchasing a STEM product.

Check The Age

The toys you are purchasing must be appropriate for your child’s age. They may get bored easily if the product is for kids aged 3+ and you are making your 6-year-old kid play with it.

Similarly, a toy that is too advanced for kids may deter them from pursuing STEM. Instead, get them a toy that will stretch their thinking and give them the satisfaction of achieving, creating, and exploring.

No Gender Discrimination

STEM toys are beneficial to youngsters of all genders.

“Both girls and boys enjoy STEM,” says Chuck English, the Science Museum of Virginia’s Virginia STEM Coordinator. “They share similar interests, so there’s no need to cater to a specific marketing palette.”

Safety Matters

Always read the safety guidelines that come with a STEM toy before using it. Many of our favorite stem toys have small bits, chemicals, or mechanical parts that, especially for young children, could constitute a safety threat. If you’re not sure, save the toy or activity for times when you and your child can play together and oversee it.


A Final Word on Girl Science Kits

It’s so important to get little girls interested in science from an early age.

By showing them that science is fun and inspiring, we can help break down the barriers that have kept women from pursuing careers in STEM.

One of the best ways to get little girls interested in science is to use the science kits in this guide to let your kids enjoy fun, engaging activities that will spark their passion for learning.

Our favorite source for girls science kits is KiwiCo. They offer a huge selection of science kits you can purchase individually, or you can subscribe to have a new crate delivered to your doorstep each month. Click here to learn more.

Have any questions about girl science kits? Leave a comment below and we’ll help you out.

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