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The 11 Best Online Facebook Marketing Courses (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

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By Scott Winstead

best online facebook marketing courses

With the best online Facebook marketing courses, you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to create a successful social media marketing strategy.

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform, with nearly 3 billion monthly active users. And it’s not just for personal use – businesses can benefit from Facebook too.

With the right strategy, Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool. It can help you to reach new audiences, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

Simply put, as social media’s influence continues to grow, knowing how to properly market yourself and your business on Facebook is essential.

Otherwise, you could be missing out on thousands of leads that could lead to your booming success.

Thankfully, there are some great Facebook marketing courses online that teach you everything you need to know about growing your brand on the platform.

We’ve reviewed and ranked the best online Facebook marketing courses based on a number of factors, including content, price, instructor experience, and student feedback.

So, if you’re ready to start learning how to market your business on Facebook, check out our list of the best online Facebook marketing classes below.


What are the Best Facebook Marketing Classes Online?

Here are our picks for the top online courses in Facebook marketing worth trying in 2023…


1. Facebook Marketing Essentials (International Open Academy)

If you’re looking to unlock proven strategies for building a profitable Facebook presence for your company, social media marketing expert Latasha James will show you how in this online class.

James has worked with a range of companies, from Fortune 500s to startups, helping them drastically increase their revenue through Facebook marketing.

With 5 in-depth modules, this Facebook marketing course will teach you the secrets to:

  • Creating great branding for your Facebook page
  • Using Facebook as your CRM
  • Maximizing your Facebook organic reach
  • Creating engaging videos and images for your Facebook page
  • Using Facebook Live to connect with your audience and build your brand
  • Creating a popular Facebook group
  • Running a successful paid ad campaign on Facebook
  •  Tracking and understanding key Facebook marketing analytics

With International Open Academy, you can get access to over 200 courses in a wide range of topics for just $9.99 a month. Our International Open Academy review has more details about this excellent online learning platform.

Click here to try this course today.


2. Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate By Meta (Coursera)

The social media marketing certificate from Meta contains the fundamentals you need to get started as well as additional advertising education.

If you know you want to advertise on Facebook and Instagram, this is the course for you because it also provides a Meta-centric approach.

This course is specifically tailored to Facebook marketing professionals who are looking to invest in Meta’s social media platforms such as Facebook.

With Coursera’s pricing model, you can audit classes at no cost, giving you access to almost all of the materials for free. But if you want to get a certificate for completing the course, you’ll need to pay a fee.

Our Coursera Plus review also goes into detail about the platform’s subscription service.

Click here to try this course for free.

3. Social Media Marketing Specialization By Northwestern University (Coursera)

Coursera and Northwestern University collaborated to bring you this incredible Social Media Marketing Specialization course.

Every quarter the data and materials are updated to ensure you are being educated with the most up-to-date information.

There are two goals that the Social Media Marketing Specialization aims to accomplish. It provides you with the training you need to become a social media influencer as well as social analytics tools.

Additionally, the training equips you with the information and tools you need to develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, from consumer insights to final rationalization measures.

This free online course is perfect for those who have little to no experience in the world of Facebook marketing.

Click here to try this course free.


4. Social Media Marketing Masterclass (Udemy)

This course is a masterclass on social media, not a full-fledged level one course, with a special emphasis on ethical digital marketing strategies.

This masterclass is fully flexible, allowing you to work at your own pace.

Taking less than 20 hours you will be learning about a range of different topics from how to integrate social media strategies with your business, SEO building, and blogging.

Social Media Marketing Masterclass is targeted towards those entering the world of social media marketing and are looking to expand their skills and knowledge.

Perfect for those entering the workforce and wanting to stand out from the crowd.

In order to access this course there are various forms of payment available. You have the option to pay a one-time fee or a less expensive monthly fee which will grant you access to the thousands of classes and courses available on Udemy. Our Udemy pricing guide has more details on how their plans work.

Check out our Udemy review to learn more about the platform.

Click here to try this course today.


5. Facebook Marketing: How To Boost Your Organic Engagement (SkillShare)

Anyone can go on Facebook, create an ad, and pay for it to reach the right people. However, ensuring that your organic content has a wide reach and is coming into contact with the right people can be difficult.

Facebook Marketing: How To Boost Your Organic Engagement is a comprehensive course on how to use your own content ideas to boost engagement.

Throughout this 12 lesson course you will learn strategy to grow your business on Facebook, see real life examples at work and work on client case studies.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to harness their skills of Facebook Marketing. You will be guided by social media marketing expert, Ali Miraz who has over 10 years in the industry.

Anything you learn from this course is sure to grow your business and allow you to be more creative with your marketing strategy.

Skillshare pricing is very affordable and includes a free 30-day trial that gives you unlimited access to all courses on the platform.

Our Skillshare review goes into more detail on the pros and cons of the platform.

Click here to try this course free on Skillshare for 30 days.


6. Advanced Email Marketing Using Facebook Marketing (SkillShare)

Have a spare 60 minutes and looking to expand your marketing strategy even further? We are all led to believe that marketing overall can be rather expensive.

Well combining the efforts of Facebook Marketing and Email Marketing could get your impressive results for a fraction of the cost.

This course provided by SkillShare shows you how to utilize the power of Facebook and Email marketing for incredible results.

Taking less than 60 minutes you will learn how to set up retargeting ads, how to get more subscribers, and how to use this to benefit your business.

Once you complete this quick online course you can participate in a short hands on-project. Set by your teacher Yossof Sharifi.

Allowing you to put your new knowledge into practice and gain experience in using Email and Facebook Marketing.

Click here to try this course free on Skillshare for 30 days.


7. Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing (Google)

Over 300,000 people have taken Google’s Digital Marketing Certification that offers over 40 hours of material to help you master the basics of digital marketing, including social media, web optimization, content marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, and more.

Through this course, you will learn the differences between paid and organic advertising and how they can each impact your results.

You will also understand how to implement content marketing and local marketing to widen your audience reach and help develop leads.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing follows a simple module format. Watch a series of videos and complete the quizzes at the end of each module. To complete the course you must pass the final exam.

This course is advised for complete novices who have never worked in marketing before and who would like to learn a little bit about everything because it covers everything linked to digital marketing.

Click here to sign up for this course.


8. PPC University (WordStream)

One of the most popular forms of advertising on Facebook and social media platforms is PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising.

WordStream has developed this course to ensure that you understand how to advertise on Facebook and how to do it correctly and perform to the best of your ability.

As you progress through the course, you’ll learn about paid ad metrics and social shopping.

This module will educate you on how to measure your success and how to connect with your audience at the right time to complete a sale.

For social media marketing managers who want to start a sponsored ads campaign on social media, we suggest taking this course. It’s also a perfect fit for you if you like to study alone by reading manuals.

Click here to sign up for this course.


9. Online Advertising & Social Media By The University Of Maryland (edX)

edX and the University of Maryland have partnered up to bring you an extensive course on Online Advertising and Social Media.

This course includes various topics allowing you to gain a broad range of knowledge on the workings on Facebook advertising.

This includes, how to analyze Facebook as a marketing platform, how to understand Big Data into your social media strategy, and which social media platforms will deliver the best results.

Online Advertising and Social Media is the perfect course for those who have a marketing goal in mind but are unable to develop a marketing strategy on their own.

It is also great for those looking to enter the field of social data analysis.

In order to gain the most out of this course it is recommended that students have a basic knowledge of social media and how to utilize platforms for marketing purposes.

With the edX pricing model, you can audit most classes for free and pay an additional fee for optional upgrades.

Our edX review goes into more detail on this popular online learning platform.

Click here to try this course.


10. Social Media Marketing Course (Acadium)

The social media marketing course at Acadium includes a number of classes that you can take before, after, or during your apprenticeship.

Acadium is an apprenticeship and mentorship program with a focus on ensuring students have the skills to enter the workforce.

If you have little to no background in the world of social media and Facebook marketing then this course is for you.

You will learn how to create profiles for your business on social media platforms, how to create and publish posts, and most importantly, how to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

This course takes every back to basics to provide you with a strong foundation of social media knowledge. You will also be mentored by Acadium’s expert group of mentors allowing for the best support.

Click here to sign up for this course.


11. Digital Marketing 101 (Boot Camp Institute)

Don’t let the words boot camp scare you from enrolling in this powerful, informative online course.

Boot Camp Institute’s Digital Marketing 101 is a powerful, video-based program that delves deeply into the fundamentals of digital marketing and leveraging it for social media.

This course is used by world-leading organizations all over the world including, Nike, NASA, and Georgia-Pacific. Allowing you to relax knowing that the knowledge you are gaining is useful outside of the classroom.

In just 6 hours you can learn how to identify social media trends and how to use them to promote your business.

Click here to sign up for this course.


A Final Word on the Best Facebook Marketing Courses

Social media marketing in general is an essential element of a brand’s success. And depending on your target audience, not marketing on Facebook could be the reason you are not seeing the results you expected.

With our guide to the best Facebook marketing courses, you can arm yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to take your business to new heights.

And remember, many of the best online course websites offer free trials to new users so you can test out a course before you commit to it.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your journey to becoming a Facebook marketing expert today!

Have any questions about our guide to the best online Facebook marketing courses? Let us know by commenting below.

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