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Codespark Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

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By Scott Winstead

codespark pricing

Are you looking for info on codeSpark pricing and plans so you can decide if the coding app is worth it?

codeSpark Academy is a terrific coding app for children ages 5-9. It combines fun, animated cartoons with challenges, games, and puzzles to make an engaging and entertaining experience! Codepsark aims to teach children essential skills nearly always required in our digital world.

codeSpark Academy was intentionally engineered to increase STEM engagement and close the gender gap. It is filled with bright, curious animations that inspire and motivate to learn and create.

In addition, codeSpark Academy features an intuitive and immersive word-free interface that supports independent and confident learning, making it a great choice for teaching kids to code at an early age.

The benefits of children learning to code are massive and codeSpark hones in on this. The intuitive platform ignites fiery interest and wondering curiosity in science and technology. When children are exposed to coding, it helps them understand their world better and prepares them for the future where coding and computer science are certain to be critical skills.

codeSpark Academy is accessible across iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and web browsers. The app is user-friendly, colorful, and works seamlessly.

Children will be thrilled to play games and participate in creative projects such as movie making, game design, and puzzles.

Activities begin simple and work progressively more difficult at the pace of the child. codeSpark is visually appealing, engaging, and exciting. It sparks wonder, curiosity, dreams, and ambition. codeSpark has done an excellent job of closing the gender gap in the field of STEM and engineered its platform to be engaging and interesting to both genders.

So, how much does codeSpark cost? And is it worth the money?

Let’s get started with our codeSpark pricing overview.

This guide has been fully updated for 2023 to make sure you’re getting the latest, most accurate info about the current plans and features.

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How Much Does codeSpark Cost in 2023?

codeSpark offers two membership options — a monthly plan at $12.99 a month and an annual plan for $116.99 a year (works out to $9.75 a month, a savings of 25%).

You can try codeSpark free for 7 days.


codeSpark Academy Monthly & Annual Plans

The codeSpark app is kid-friendly and without any ads. The app will inspire children to learn how to create their own video games while using practical coding skills. codeSpark includes printable activity sheets to bring the learning into real life.

Using codeSpark Academy will encourage creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative work. It promotes hands-on learning and brings the application into real life.

codeSpark Academy uses animated characters to draw children in and spark wonder.

The app begins with simple, beginner-friendly puzzles that introduce block-based coding. As the child progresses through, they earn badges, redeem rewards, and have fun engaging with The Foos.

There are unlimited coding challenges, tons of fun and engaging activities and games, and lots of opportunities for developing creativity and problem-solving skills.

Essentially, they’re learning without even realizing it!

Check out these facts about codeSpark:

  • Used by over 62,000 educators and 35,000+ schools worldwide
  • After 90 minutes of using the app, 55% of kids showed increased confidence in problem-solving abilities and 22% showed an increase in accuracy with moderate sequencing tasks
  • Kids made 11 million games and stories on codeSpark Academy in 2020

You can try codeSpark free for 7 days.


codeSpark Cost Q&A

Why is codeSpark Academy set up as a subscription-based program?

codeSpark Academy uses a subscription plan to keep out advertisements and encourage and foster ongoing learning in children. The subscription plan is the most efficient way to deliver exceptionally high-quality STEM education without ads popping up. In addition, there aren’t any in-app purchases or things to sidetrack children. Instead, codeSpark is all about fun, exciting, and interactive STEM-based learning.

Is there a codeSpark free trial?

Yes, you can try codeSpark Academy free for 7 days.

Can a codeSpark membership be gifted?

Giving the gift of learning how to code is incredible! codeSpark uses animated characters playing real-life roles to inspire, encourage and create. Gifting a codeSpark Academy subscription is a great idea. It’s perfect for younger kids ages 5 – 9 and ideal for both genders. When gifting a codeSpark membership, the recipient can enjoy various terrific benefits!

Gifted Memberships Include:

  • Unlimited access to stories, games, puzzles, creating, and more
  • Create up to 3 children’s profiles with one membership
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • New content released regularly
  • Available in 3 months, 6 months, and 12-month term packages
  • Gifted memberships do not auto-renew

What devices can a child use codeSpark on?

Good news! Any of them! The codeSpark app is available on iOS and Android. In addition, codeSpark is a web browser friendly and can be used on the Amazon Fire tablet. codeSpark aims to be as accessible as possible so children everywhere can enjoy the gift of learning how to code!

Is there chatting on codeSpark Academy?

codeSpark Academy is intentionally engineered for children. Every aspect has been thought of in order to ensure safety. Children can send a thumbs up or thumbs down to other players on certain creative levels. Besides this communication, there isn’t anything else. codeSpark does not have a chat room.


codeSpark Academy Pricing Review

  • Monthly plan – $12.99 a month
  • Annual plan – $116.99 a year (works out to $9.75 a month, a savings of 25%).


Recap of codeSpark Benefits and Features

  • codeSpark encourages creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and strong early literacy and mathematics simply by playing games, solving puzzles, and completing tasks.
  • The platform is entirely kid-friendly with bright animations, graphics, and sounds. The platform also doesn’t have any ads or in-app purchases.
  • codeSpark introduces children to coding.
  • Children can navigate codeSpark easily with simple drag and drop features and illustrated instructions.
  • codeSpark is a word-free interface.


A Final Word on codeSpark Pricing

codeSpark Academy  is a fantastic platform for children. It’s a great way to encourage and foster the growth and establishment of coding skills. Not only is it accessible and affordable, but the number of benefits of learning how to code can’t go without being talked about. The world is incredibly digital and teaching children how to code is one way to gear them up to have strong career skills.

codeSpark Academy uses fun, animation, graphics, and cute characters to teach children how to code. It’s a great membership with plenty of features and benefits. In addition, it’s affordable and accessible.

codeSpark Academy makes an excellent gift for all children ages 5 – 9! Build confidence in your child and teach them digital literacy skills young in a creative, entertaining way!

Try codeSpark Academy free for 7 days.

Have any questions about codeSpark pricing? Let us know by commenting below.


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