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How to Learn Hebrew Online: Best Options for Beginners

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By Scott Winstead

how to learn hebrew

Are you interested in discovering how to learn Hebrew online from the comfort of your home? Wondering if it’s even possible?

Learning Hebrew can be difficult as it is an ancient language with its own alphabet and grammar structure.

Spoken initially by Israelites, Hebrew is now commonly spoken by Jews and Samaritans. Hebrew is the only non-extinct Canaanite language left as well as one of only two Northwest Semitic Languages still being spoken today.

Simply put, learning Hebrow is no easy feat. It’s going to take some time and effort to master the new language.

The good news, though, is there are plenty of great options to learn Hebrew online at your own pace, on your own schedule, and from wherever you want.

Learning Hebrew online proves more convenient and is usually far more affordable when compared to private tutoring or other in-person learning options.

Thanks to online platforms like Rosetta Stone, it’s easier than ever to learn Hebrew today.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best online resources for learning Hebrew, so you can start your language learning journey today.

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Why Learn Hebrew?

Hebrew is natively spoken by over 8.3 million Israeli residents today.

Being one of the oldest languages, Hebrew also has so much rich history. Learning Hebrew can expand your horizons and help you better understand the culture of the language. Those interested in biblical history study Hebrew to read and understand the Bible scriptures in their original language.

Taking a trip to Isreal to visit historical sites is something many people plan as a bucket list item during their lifetime; however, without understanding the language, you may have to get an interpreter, which can be expensive. Learning Hebrew and understanding the language will be useful if you take a trip to where it is natively spoken.

Many ancient texts and books about history are written in Hebrew, and it would be an exquisite time to read and experience it yourself.


Can You Learn Hebrew On Your Own?

Yes, you can learn Hebrew on your own without hiring an expensive private coach or attending a local class.

With the right online resources, dedication, and hard work, it is possible to learn Hebrew on your own.

There are many online sites and applications that provide self-study tools such as audio lessons, voice recognition feedback, dictionaries, grammar tutorials, and practice tests to help you learn a new language online.

With tools like Rosetta Stone, which teaches new languages through interactive activities and lessons, you can learn how to speak Hebrew at a pace that’s just right for you. You can even get instant feedback on your pronunciation with their remarkable speech recognition technology as you work toward fluency.

Additionally, there are tons of other great resources all across the internet, from podcasts and YouTube videos to grammar guides and communities, all aimed at helping you master Hebrew.

With the right amount of persistence and determination, learning a new language can be an incredibly rewarding experience. So don’t be afraid to give it a try!


Online Courses Make It Easy To Learn Hebrew

While there’s no shortage of resources out there to help you learn Hebrew on your own, online courses are a great way to make sure you stay on track with your language learning journey.

Here’s what makes online courses so effective:

  • Learn at your own pace– With online courses, you can move through topics at whatever speed is most comfortable for you. That way, you’ll have time to really absorb and practice the material without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.
  • Review lessons over and over again– With online courses, you’ll have on-demand access to the course materials, so if you ever need a refresher on a subject, you can review it as many times as necessary.
  • Learn from qualified professionals–The internet gives you the chance to learn from the very best language teachers from around the world.
  • Stay accountable–It can be tough to stay motivated when you’re teaching yourself a language, but with online courses, you’ll be able to track your progress and set goals for yourself. Plus, most platforms offer incentives and rewards to keep you on track.
  • Save money–Online language learning platforms are often much more affordable than traditional language classes. Many platforms also offer free trials so that you can test out the course before committing.


Rosetta Stone: The Best Online Platform To Learn Hebrew

Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone's tried and true curriculum and user-friendly mobile app makes it easy, exciting, and fun to learn a new language. You'll get full immersion in the language you are learning and gain confidence to express yourself as you practice and progress every step of the way.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Learn a new language with the experts in language learning technology – Rosetta Stone.

With programs for 25 different languages, including Hebrew, Rosetta Stone offers a cutting-edge immersive learning system that’s been proven to work for millions of learners.

Their interactive scenarios and activities introduce new topics and vocabulary in a real-world-inspired setting.

The program adapts to your learning needs, helping you develop an intuitive understanding of the language.

Plus, you’ll receive feedback on your pronunciation and grammar to help you improve faster than ever before. Get started speaking from lesson one with Rosetta Stone’s patented TruAccent speech recognition technology that gives you instant guidance on your speaking to help you master pronunciation.

Looking to learn multiple languages without breaking the bank? Rosetta Stone’s Lifetime Subscription is the way to go. For just one payment of $179 (regularly $299), you’ll have access to unlimited languages and all levels for life. It’s the perfect solution for avid language learners looking to save money in the long run.

If you’re only interested in mastering Hebrew, Rosetta Stone has you covered with 3-month and 12-month single-language options starting at $7.99 per month when billed up-front for the entire term.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your language skills with Rosetta Stone.

Click here to get started today.


Other Online Platforms to Learn Hebrew

Mango Languages

Mango Languages offers many languages to learn, including Hebrew. Learning Hebrew online can be scary, but Mango Languages lessons help you to understand the grammar, culture, and vocabulary of the Hebrew language.

Being able to pronounce a language correctly, especially Hebrew, isn’t something most online platforms teach. Mango Languages has a highly-interactive lesson style that will have you pronouncing Hebrew words like a pro.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that most languages, including Hebrew, taught by Mango Languages can lack course depth, meaning it misses out on potential greatness.



Duolingo is an online language-learning platform and a downloadable app on most mobile devices. With over 40 languages to pick from, Hebrew is just one of many languages you can learn using Duolingo. If you prefer an ad-free platform or app, then Duolingo Plus would be an excellent option. With Duolingo Plus, you can learn Hebrew with the ability to track your progress, go through a lesson with unlimited mistakes, and access offline learning.

Offering many languages, Duolingo is a fun platform that is interactive and easy to use. The lessons taught on Duolingo do not take long to complete, and you can fit them into your busy schedule with ease.

However, learning a language through Duolingo will not get you to fluency status, but only allow you to grasp a basic understanding and comprehension.

While Duolingo alone is a free language-learning platform, it offers a Duolingo Plus subscription for those who want more. Duolingo Plus costs $6.99 per month as an affordable premium subscription.



Pimsleur is an excellent online language-learning platform that offers various languages to learn and speak.

If you are not ready to pay for Pimsleur right away and want a taste of what the platform offers, they have a one-week free trial for all new customers.

Pimsleur does a fantastic job of teaching languages how they are supposed to be understood and spoken.

With 51 languages to choose from, Hebrew is just one of many language options that the platform offers.

Pimsleur encourages proper pronunciation in language learning and sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar. Using Pimsleur to learn Hebrew or any other language they offer will help you move towards fluency and confidently speak it.

However, Pimsleur can be pretty expensive and challenging to afford for many as its prices are much higher than other online language-learning platforms.

After a free 7-day trial, if you wish to continue with Pimsleur and pay for their subscription, it will cost you between $14.95 and $20.95 monthly. If you wish to commit and pay for the complete language package, Pimsleur offers a 5-level course price of $575.


A Final Word on Learning Hebrew

Learning a new language can be both frightening and exhilarating, considering the new world of opportunities and culture you open yourself up to.

Using online language learning platforms, learning a new language can be simple. There are plenty of online language learning platforms to choose from that teach dozens of different languages in nonidentical techniques.

While there are lots of excellent resources out there that offer Hebrew courses, we believe that Rosetta Stone is our favorite thanks to its comprehensive, immersive approach.

Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone's tried and true curriculum and user-friendly mobile app makes it easy, exciting, and fun to learn a new language. You'll get full immersion in the language you are learning and gain confidence to express yourself as you practice and progress every step of the way.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Have any questions about how to learn Hebrew? Leave us a comment and we’ll help.

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