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How to Sign a Google Doc: Step-by-Step Guide

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By Fatima Mansoor

how to sign a google doc

Are you wondering how to sign a Google Doc?

There are all sorts of situations that might arise where you need to sign a Google Doc. Perhaps you’re working on a group project and need everyone to sign off on the final product. Maybe you’re collaborating with someone on a document and they’re asking for your signature. Or maybe there’s a contract or agreement that needs to be signed electronically.

Whatever the reason, it’s actually pretty easy to sign a Google Doc.

In our step-by-step guide below, we’ll show you how to sign a Google Doc quickly, easily, and securely, even if you’re not someone who’s comfortable working with technology.


Why Use An E-Signature Tool to Sign a Google Doc?

The first thing you’ll need to do if you want to sign a Google Doc is to find an electronic signature tool that you trust.

There are all sorts of electronic signature tools available, but not all of them are created equal.

For example, some electronic signature tools offer integrations with Google Docs, making it easy to sign your document without ever leaving the app. Other tools might require you to download the document and then upload it again after you’ve signed it, which can be a bit of a hassle.

Still other electronic signature tools might not be as secure as you’d like, which could leave your document vulnerable to.

An electronic signature tool like jSign allows you to create a digitized version of your signature that you can use to sign a document online. It also helps to work in collaboration because a document may be prepared, signed, and forwarded using the same program.

jSign offers you a simpler way to sign documents online securely from anywhere, making it a quick and handy option to close agreements in the blink of an eye.


How to Sign Google Docs With jSign

With an electronic signature tool like jSign, it’s super easy to get setup to start signing Google Docs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use jSign to add a signature to a Google Doc.


Step 1: Create a jSign Account and Link It

The first thing you need to do is create an account with jSign if you don’t already have one.

jSign offers a 14-day free trial so that you can try out all of the features before you commit to a paid plan.

Once you have your account set up, you can add Google Drive and other services (DropBox, One Drive, etc.). You will be unable to upload Google Docs for signatures until you link your Google Drive account.


Step 2: Get Your Document Ready

You should make sure that your document is in Google Drive and ready to upload. Upload your document to Google Docs if it’s in Word, PDF, or another format.

Then, head to your jSign account and upload the Doc that you’re going to sign from the dashboard, or the left pane by clicking the “upload document” button.

To upload, select your Doc from Google Drive. Plus, you can also upload a copy of the document with any of the following extensions from OneDrive or DropBox: PDF, Docx, PPT, PPTx, JPG, PNG, XLS, or BMP,.

Before getting your signature ready, you can also utilize a template in jSign.

When making a new or one-time document, jSign templates can be extremely useful, sparing you some time and helping you to create the perfect signature document.


Step 3: Add Signers to the Doc

If you have subscribed for the jSign membership, then the good news is that you can sign unlimited electronic signatures per document! How cool is that?

You can also add temporary signatures of people in your contact list by organizing contacts who often sign in the same document as you. Just choose which signature placeholders are allocated to which signers for each document, and in what order they should sign the document. This will make signing documents a smooth process.


Step 4: Create Your Digital Signature

All you have to do after preparing the document is edit your placeholder and then you can create and add your custom electronic signature.

You can create a new signature, upload an existing signature, type your signature, or place a saved signature on your fresh documents.

The most efficient way to sign Google Docs is to have a saved signature that you can easily drop into the document. You can create a saved signature in jSign and then save a ton of time when you’re ready to sign.


Step 5: Save and Share the Document

When you’re done signing your document, you can save it and share it with other friends or business partners who might want to sign it as well.

If your friends are lazy and do not keep up with deadlines, don’t worry! With jSign, you can also set deadlines for additional signatures. This way everyone can sign before the due date. In case you’re afraid of fraud, you can always double-check your friend’s email addresses and contact information to ensure authenticity.


Step 6: Finalize the Signed Doc

After you’re done with the steps mentioned above, you just have to click ‘Finish’ and send the complete document with electronic signatures to your friends and save it yourself. This is because when you click ‘Finish’, the document will automatically be sent to the other email addresses it was linked with.

Therefore it’ll reach your friends or business partners in no time. In the end, each user will receive a notification of the key features such as the designated signature order, electronic signature placeholder, and most importantly, the deadline.


Step 7: Share the Document and Track Its Progress

Confirmation is important and that is exactly how you complete all your steps for your electronic signature process. You can confirm that the document was sent through the tracking options in the documents menu, where you can view all your documents that were completed with signatures or ones which are awaiting some changes.

jSign believes in protecting customers’ identity and therefore, it automates progress monitoring with notification of when documents have been accessed. Not only that but it also provides a unique QR code to each jSign document so that it can be identified. The code helps a lot. It lets you know who intervened or edited the document since its completion and this will help you identify that the right people have access to your document.


Electronic Signing Made Easy With jSign

Using a service like jSign is the best approach to signing documents in Google Docs.  jSign makes it exceedingly simple to collect the required signatures for arbitration agreements, leasing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and more.

Signing a Google Doc for personal, business, or freelance usage should be simple enough for the typical person and this is why we would always recommend signing your documents through jSign.

Here are some of the reasons we personally use and recommend jSign:

  • Sign and send files faster: Sign PDFs, agreements, official papers, and bills online using your PC, laptop, or phone. jSign eliminates the need to print, scan, or fax documents to receive approvals and complete documents.
  • Updates in Real Time: After your paperwork has been signed, you will be notified accordingly. You will also receive an email as soon as the online signatures are completed.
  • Setting Deadlines and Reminders: When sending someone a paper to sign, you can include reminders and deadlines to ensure that it is completed on time. When it’s finished, you’ll be notified that your paper is ready for download.
  • Legally Binding Electronic Signatures: jSign complies with all major eSignature laws, including UETA and the ESIGN Act. Electronic signatures can be used as evidence in court.
  • Cloud Document Management: All documents signed using jSign are immediately autosaved in the cloud. You can save and easily access your multiple signed documents online for the duration of your subscription. This way your document will never be misplaced when you need them the most.


A Final Word on How to Sign a Google Doc

Signing Google Docs doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Thanks to electronic signature tools, you can quickly, easily, and securely sign documents without ever having to leave your desk.

Of all the electronic signature tools available, we believe jSign is the best option for those looking for a fast, simple, and legally binding solution. With jSign, you can sign documents in seconds and share them securely from anywhere in the world.

Click here to try jSign free for 14 days.

Have any more questions about how to sign a Google Doc? Let us know by commenting below.

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