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The 10 Best Laptop Charging Carts & Storage Stations for Chromebooks & Other Laptops

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By Scott Winstead

Chromebook and Laptop Charging Stations and Carts

With the best laptop charging carts for schools, you can keep your class’s devices powered up and ready to use. 

Keeping all the supplies organized for your students can sometimes feel like a full-time job in and of itself. And, when you add Chromebooks or laptops into the mix that also need to be charged to be ready for use the next day, it can become an even greater challenge.

Laptop charging carts and storage stations have become essential tools for modern educational institutions and teachers due to the increasing integration of technology in the classroom. These mobile solutions offer a range of benefits that cater to the specific needs of schools, teachers, and students alike.

They provide a secure and centralized location to store and charge multiple devices simultaneously. This ensures that laptops are always ready for use when needed, eliminating the inconvenience of dead batteries during crucial moments of instruction. Additionally, the carts often feature built-in cable management systems, which reduce clutter and the risk of tangled cords, making it easier for teachers to access and distribute laptops to students seamlessly.

A laptop storage cart promotes a more organized and secure environment for valuable technology assets and classroom devices. In bustling school environments, laptops can be at risk of damage, theft, or misplacement if not properly stored. These charging carts often come with lockable compartments or doors, safeguarding the devices when not in use. This added security provides teachers with peace of mind, knowing that their investments are protected and the learning process is not disrupted by missing or damaged devices.

Not only that, laptop charging carts facilitate mobility and flexibility in the classroom. The ability to move the carts from one classroom to another allows for shared access to technology, particularly in schools with limited resources.

Once you start looking for the best laptop charging carts and cases, you’ll quickly realize that there are a plethora of options on the market, which can make it overwhelming to choose one for your classroom.

I’ve reviewed 10 of the top options for you and put together a buying guide to help focus your search and find the right laptop storage cart and charging station for your classroom.

This guide has been fully updated for 2023 to include the best current options so you can be sure you’re getting the latest, most accurate recommendations to make an informed buying decision.

Don’t want to read the full guide? Check out a couple of our top picks below:

My Top PickKensington Charging Station

Kensington Charging Station

What’s inside?

  • 12 ports for devices up to 14 inches
  • Adjustable slots
  • Durable and heat-dissipating metal frame

Best for: Teachers with 12 or fewer laptops that don’t rotate between classrooms.

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This laptop storage cart is my top pick because of its streamlined and well-thought-out design. The product is compact, yet still capable of holding up to 12 laptops, Chromebooks, or tablets. It also features adjustable charging slots allowing it to accommodate a range of case styles. Other key features I love include the industrial-grade surge protector, heavy-duty metal frame, and the cord management system to keep everything organized. While this is a desktop model, it is designed to fit on a standard AV cart, which makes it easily portable when needed.

Also GreatPearington Storage Cart

Pearington Storage Cart

What’s inside?

  • 16-device charging cart
  • Accommodates laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets of all sizes with its open design
  • Two wheel locking mechanisms

Best for: Teachers who need to bring their laptops between rooms during the instructional day.

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This rolling charging cart from Pearington is also a top option to consider, especially if you need to be able to bring your Chromebooks between classrooms. It offers 16 open slots that can hold devices of all sizes, so it is also a great pick if you use larger laptops. I like that it has grips on the side handles to keep your hands comfortable as you push it. I also really like the cable management system with built-in clips to keep those cables from getting tangled, becoming an eyesore, and getting in the way of putting in or taking out the Chromebooks.


How to Choose Classroom Charging Station or Storage Cart in 3 Steps

Before purchasing a laptop charging station, take some time to lay out your priorities and decide exactly what you want to get from the product you purchase.

With so many models on the market, there are a lot of features that differ between options, and rushing to make a decision could mean that you choose a charging station or cart that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Steps to Choose a Charging Station or Cart

In the sections that follow, I’ll describe three key steps to take before purchasing a station for your laptops. Take the time to think through and follow each of these steps, and I’m confident you’ll be happy with the product you ultimately select.

Step 1: Analyze Your Budget

The first step is to analyze and set your budget. The prices for charging carts can range from just over $100 to well over $500, so it is important to have an idea of what you’re comfortable spending before you really start looking.

Organize Donations or Fundraiser

If you’re a teacher purchasing a station for yourself without help from your school or district, consider options to raise some of the money to pay for the purchase, such as through a fundraiser or parent donations. If you’ll be reimbursed by your school or district, be sure to get the amount of the purchase approved before submitting an order.

Step 2: Determine the Number of Ports Needed

Next, determine how many charging ports you will need in your cart. Consider the number of Chromebooks in your classroom, and if it fits with your budget, try to get a charging  station that will allow all the computers to charge at the same time.

Determine the Number of Laptops or other Devices in Your Classroom

If this isn’t possible due to budget constraints, try to choose a station that will hold at least half of the computers in your room so you can rotate them for charging during or after the school day.

Step 3: Station or Cart? With or Without a Lock?

The third step is to decide if you prefer a charging station or a cart. Each option has its own pros and cons and may be best suited to different classrooms and situations.

If you will solely use the laptops in the same classroom all of the time, you may decide a charging station is best. These are large units that can sit on the floor or a table in the room. They are not very easily portable, however, so they are not the best choice if you rotate classrooms or want to easily allow other classes to borrow your computers.

If you do need a more portable option, consider a laptop charging cart for your Chromebooks and other devices. This way, you can simply unplug it from the wall and push it between classrooms with ease.

Your Needs Determine Your Choice

Finally, determine whether you want a locking station. If you use a shared space where you can’t lock the door whenever you leave or have other safety concerns, choosing a locking cart can help give you peace of mind that the laptops will be secured. In some cases, however, you may decide that a lock is not necessary. For example, if you have your own room that others don’t have access to when you’re away, a lock may not be needed.


Best Classroom Charging Stations and Storage Carts

Here are our top picks for Chromebooks and laptops. We’ve separated the list into two categories: desk and wall charging stations and charging storage carts.

Desk and Wall Charging Stations
Luxor Charging Station

Perfect for teachers with 12 or fewer devices who do not need a locking unit.

My Top Pick!
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LocknCharge Wall Cage

Good choice for classrooms with limited table or floor space.

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Learniture Charging Cabinet

For teachers who want the flexibility to decide whether to mount their storage.

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Charging Storage Carts
Pearington Open Charging Cart

Best for teachers who teach in different classrooms during the day.

Amazon →
Line Leader Open Charging Cart

For teachers who want to provide their students with unrestricted access.

Amazon →
Line Leader Compact Storage Cart

Good choice for teachers who have limited space.

Amazon →

Stand Steady →

Pearington Storage Cart

Perfect for teachers on a budget who need a large laptop charging cart.

Also Great!
Amazon →
Line Leader Charging Cart

For teachers who need to lock and transport a full class’ worth of Chromebooks.

Amazon →

Stand Steady →

ECR4KIDS Charging Cart

For a classroom where each student has a laptop for learning.

Amazon →
Fat Catalog Charging Cart

For teachers who need a large charging solution with a built-in extra work surface.

Amazon →

Now that you’ve seen a quick snapshot of each option, let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of each of these charging stations and carts.

Desk and Wall Charging Stations

A charging station is the best choice if you use your devices in the same classroom.

1. Kensington

The Kensington model features a universal design that will accommodate Chromebooks and tablets. It offers 12 ports for charging tablets or laptops up to 14 inches long. With the power adapter storage and cable management system, sliding the laptops in and out and connecting them to charge is a breeze.

This desktop station is compact enough to fit on a standard AV cart if it needs to be transported between rooms. The storage case has a heavy-duty metal frame that protects the contents and provides heat dissipation.

Kensington Charging Station
“Offering maximum flexibility, you can easily adjust or remove slot dividers to accommodate a wide array of devices, including thicker devices and devices with rugged cases.” – kensington.com


  • 12 ports for Chromebooks up to 14 inches
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • Power adapter storage to keep power adapters out of the way
  • Cable management system to keep cords organized
  • Compact size that fits on AV carts for transport
  • Integrated surge protector
  • Adjustable slot dividers


  • The ports are spaced out to prevent voltage spikes or safety concerns.
  • The heavy-duty metal frame protects laptops in the case and dissipates heat to make sure they don’t overheat when charging.
  • It offers a compact size, yet still has slots to hold 12 Chromebooks.
  • An industrial-grade surge protector is integrated into the design to prevent voltage spikes.


  • There is no lock on this model.
  • If you wish to transport the laptops to another classroom, you’ll have to find a separate cart to use.
  • You can’t store or charge enough Chromebooks for a whole class in this model.
Kensington Built-in Cable Management and Adjustable Slot Dividers
Credits: kensington.com

Best for: Teachers with 12 or fewer Chromebooks who do not need a locking unit.

Learn more about all the features packed into this desk charging station by watching this short video from Kensington.

Buying Options

2. LocknCharge

The LocknCharge Wall Cage is designed to provide a safe and secure way to free up table and floor space by offering a wall-mounted storage solution for devices. The charging station is sized to hold up to 10 Chromebooks and their power cords. It features heavy-duty welded steel construction with a steel padlock and key to prevent unauthorized access.

Even though the doors lock, you can still see the contents of the interior if the door is closed. This can allow you to assess whether all of the devices are present and charging, or whether you need to check in with students and locate missing laptops.

LocknCharge Charging Station
“All power points have overload protection to keep devices and outlets safe during charging.” – lockncharge.com


  • Mountable to a wall
  • Holds up to 10 Chromebooks
  • Steel padlock to prevent unauthorized access
  • Open design to visually check contents and keep devices from overheating
  • Provides protection against power surges


  • This model can be mounted to a wall to maintain table and floor space in a classroom.
  • It holds up to 10 laptops
  • The steel padlock ensures that those contents remain protected
  • With the open design, you can check to confirm all devices are plugged in


  • This is a relatively expensive option considering it only holds 10 devices.
  • The open design may allow more dust to settle on Chromebooks.
  • This isn’t a great option if you won’t be able to mount it to a wall.
LocknCharge Makes It Easier
Credits: lockncharge.com

Best for: Classrooms with limited table or floor space that could benefit from having a wall-mounted charging station.

Want to learn more about the LocknCharge Wall Cage? Check out this video from the manufacturer to determine if it is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Buying Options

3. Learniture

The Learniture cabinet offers 12 slots to accommodate Chromebooks that are up to 15 inches. It offers flexible use options as it can either be placed on a desk, table, or mounted to the wall to clear up table space. This charging station is designed to protect devices from damage with its 16-gauge steel construction. It also has a 2-point lock on the door that allows it to be locked to protect your expensive technology. The sides feature ventilation holes to keep laptops cools as they charge.

Learniture Charging Station


  • 12 slots for devices up to 15 inches
  • One 7-plug surge protector and one 6-plug outlet strip (plugged into the surge protector)
  • Constructed using durable 16-gauge steel
  • Locking front door
  • 6-foot-long cord
  • Ventilation holes on sides


  • You can choose whether you want to mount this model to a wall or place it on a table.
  • It can accommodate Chromebooks up to 15 inches
  • The heavy-duty 16-gauge steel construction will protect devices from getting damaged.
  • With the locking door, you can ensure your devices are secure when you’re out of the classroom.


  • It only holds 12 devices.
  • One of the power strips does not have its own surge protector
  • Once mounted to a wall, you’ll lose the flexibility of being able to transport your laptops between classrooms as easily.

Learniture Charging Station Environment

Best for: Teachers who want the flexibility to decide whether to mount their charging station to a wall or leave it on a table.

Buying Options

Interested in trying to build your own DIY charging station to customize it to your specific needs? Check out this video that walks you through the various materials you’ll need and steps to complete to make a customized charging station.

Charging Storage Carts

Storage carts are good choice for teachers who need to move their devices around the classroom or between different classrooms.

4. Pearington (16-Open)

Pearington’s model features an open design that holds up to 16 Chromebooks. This open design with making it easy for students to easily grab their device and get right to work without having to worry about a closed or locked door. It will also simplify the process of having students return their laptops. Additionally, with the open design, you don’t have to worry about the size constraints of the closed option and can use it with larger laptops too.

The item features four caster wheels to transport it between classrooms or from one spot to another within a classroom. Two of the wheels have a locking mechanism to keep the cart from rolling on its own. It also offers built-in cord management clips to ensure the cables remain organized and easy to use.

Pearington Charging Cart Dimensions


  • Open, rolling design
  • Compatible with devices of all sizes
  • 16 charging ports
  • 4 caster wheels and 2 wheel-locking mechanisms
  • Easy-to-grip handles on each side
  • Built-in cord management system


  • It can hold up to 16 devices of any size.
  • The side handles with grips make this cart easy to push.
  • It has large caster wheels with locking mechanisms to prevent accidental rolling
  • The cord management clips work to keep everything organized and ensure simple charging


  • There is no cover or lock for this model.
  • Since it is open, dust could more easily be an issue.
  • It is bulkier than some other options and will take up a lot of floor space in a classroom.

Pearington Charging Cart Design

Best for: Teachers who teach in different classrooms during the day and want to easily bring their Chromebooks with them.

Buying Options

5. Line Leader (16-Open)

Line Leader’s model features an open design with 16 padded slots for holding and charge devices. The open design allows for quick and easy access to the charging laptops whenever students need them. You can also remove the divider walls if you need to fit wider devices. This cart features easy-to-roll casters and an ergonomic handle to ensure smooth rolling down the hall between classes.

Line Leader Charging Cart Dimensions
“Designed to deliver easy access and storage for all your portable electronic devices.” – standsteady.com


  • Open design with 16 padded ports
  • Cord management clips
  • Ergonomic push handle
  • Two locking casters
  • UL certified with 450-joule surge protection for safety


  • Students can easily get the device they need without interrupting you to unlock a door with this open model.
  • It has cord management clips to keep everything organized.
  • The casters and ergonomic push handle work together to make it easy to transport your devices between classrooms.
  • A 450 our surge protector prevents safety hazards when charging.
  • This model can hold 16 Chromebooks.


  • If you remove the divider slots to accommodate larger devices, you won’t be able to fit 16 devices.
  • Since it has an open design, you can’t lock up the laptops at night or when you leave your classroom.
  • Dust can more easily collect on the Chromebooks.
Line Leader Design
Credits: standsteady.com

Best for: Teachers who want to provide their students with unrestricted access to their laptops when they need them.

Buying Options

6. Line Leader (16-Locking)

Enjoy a slim and compact design with this locking charging station for 16 devices from Line Leader. The cart includes four large, non-marking wheels that make it easy to push around in a classroom or transport between locations within the building. It also features an ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable pushing.

This rolling cabinet features a lock on the front door to prevent unauthorized access to the Chromebooks or tablets charging inside of it. It also has side ventilation holes for airflow.

Line Leader Charging Cart Dimensions
“Don’t be fooled by its small size! You will be amazed by how much our sleek, compact, versatile charging cart can do.” – standsteady.com


  • Slim and compact design
  • Holds up to 16 devices
  • Rolling wheels and ergonomic handle
  • Durable and sturdy steel construction
  • Locking front door


  • This model offers a much more compact design than many other charging stations, making it a good fit for a tight classroom.
  • It offers charging bays for 16 devices.
  • The ergonomic handle and large rolling wheels allow for easy transport.
  • A locking door allows you to keep your devices secure overnight or when you’re away from your classroom.


  • This product holds fewer devices than some other models on the market.
  • It is pretty expensive for only holding 16 computers.
  • Fitting charging cords in for easy access can be difficult.

Best for: Teachers who have limited space but want a rolling charging station.

Line Leader Charging Cart Design
Credits: standsteady.com

Buying Options:

7. Pearington (32-Locking)

Pearington’s model can charge up to 32 devices. It features 30 padded bays and 32 outlets to charge laptops or tablets for an entire class. This cart can accommodate Chromebooks with a screen size of up to 13 inches.

The item features locking front double doors and ventilated panels. It also offers four large casters and a large, easy-to-grip handle to make those trips up and down the hall easier. Two of the wheels lock to keep it in place.

Pearington Storage Cart Dimensions


  • 32 outlets
  • 30 padded bays
  • Accommodates devices with a screen size of up to 13 inches
  • Double locking front doors
  • Four large casters
  • Heavy-duty handle
  • Two locking wheels


  • You can charge up to 32 devices.
  • The large rolling wheels and handle make it easy to push it down the hallway between classrooms.
  • It has ventilated sides to keep devices cool as they charge.
  • The front doors lock to keep laptops secure.
  • It is reasonably priced for such a large-capacity cart.


  • It only fits Chromebooks up to 13 inches.
  • This product will require a lot of floor space in a classroom.
  • Assembly may take a while since it is a larger unit.

Pearington Storage Cart Design

Best for: Teachers on a budget who need a large laptop charging cart.

Buying Options

8. Line Leader (30-Locking)

This model from Line Leader has charging slots to hold up to 30 Chromebooks. The cord management system helps ensure that all of the cables are organized and out of way when putting in or taking out devices. To ensure the security and safety of each laptop, each divider features a rubber coating and the front and rear doors are lockable.

The cart has scratch-free large wheels with an ergonomic push handle to allow individuals to easily maneuver it down a school hallway.

Line Leader Charging Storage Cart Dimensions
“Start each day with fully charged Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets!” – standsteady.com


  • 30 ports with rubber-coated dividers
  • Cord management system to keep cables organized
  • Front and rear locking doors
  • Four scratch-free casters
  • Ergonomic handle for pushing
  • UL-certified in the United States and Canada


  • With this item, you can easily charge laptops for a full class.
  • It has 15-inch shelves to hold devices of varying sizes.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it easier to maneuver the cart down a hallway or around desks in a classroom.
  • Since the product is UL-certified, you can rest easy knowing that your devices are charging safely.


  • Depending on the devices you want to charge, you may find that the outlets are not in the proper orientation.
  • A few units have arrived to customers with dents.
  • You’ll need to have a large amount of floor space in your classroom to dedicate to this cart.
Line Leader Storage Cart Design
Credits: standsteady.com

Best for: Teachers who need to lock and transport a full class’ worth of Chromebooks.

Buying Options

9. ECR4Kids

If you need more charging space for a full class’ worth of laptops, take a look at this 30-bay rolling station from ECR4Kids. It offers 30 slots and 32 outlets to accommodate up to 32 devices. Additionally, this cart offers secure and locked storage. You can program the front keypad lock or use the included key to access the unit from the back panel.

The product is constructed with a durable powder-coated steel material. It also includes ventilation panels to provide adequate air circulation to keep the charging devices from getting too hot. It also features an easy-to-maneuver handle with four extra-large casters to allow for easy transport between classrooms.

ECR4Kids Charging Cart Dimensions
“Developed for mobility, this is an exceptional portable charging station.” – ecr4kids.com


  • 30 charging bays
  • 32 outlets
  • Programmable locking keypad on front
  • Keyed locked on back with 4 provided keys
  • Four heavy-duty casters
  • Easy-to-push handle
  • Powder-coated steel frame with ventilated side panels


  • This model has a large capacity to hold and charge Chromebooks for each student in a class.
  • It is constructed using a heavy-duty powder-coated steel.
  • Ventilation holes are integrated into the side panels to keep devices from overheating.
  • You can program the front keypad with a custom combination.


  • This product is more expensive than many other options.
  • It takes up a lot of floor space in a classroom.
  • You won’t be able to have students open the door to get their own computers with the keypad.
ECR4Kids Charging Cart Design
Credits: ecr4kids.com

Best for: Teachers who have laptops for each of their students and need a secure way to store and charge them all.

If you’re curious to learn more about this large rolling storage cart, ECR4Kis put together this video to point out some of its key design features and how to assemble it.

Buying Options

10. Fat Catalog

Finally, take a look at this model from Fat Catalog. It offers two padded shelves with a total of 30 bays and 32 outlets. The front door locks to add security and peace of mind when you’re out of your classroom.

The top of the item has a non-skid surface that allows it to double as a work space or a spot to display classroom items. The four large non-marring caster and handle make it simple to push the cart around a classroom or down the hall to another room.

Fat Catalog Storage Cart


  • 30 charging bays
  • 32 outlets
  • Padded shelves
  • Locking front door with double pin lock
  • Four large casters
  • Handle for pushing
  • Non-skid top work surface


  • This model can double as a work surface with its non-skid top.
  • It has 30 bays and 32 outlets to charge numerous devices.
  • The front door features a double pin lock that makes it impossible to peel the door down and remove devices.
  • Each shelf is padded to protect Chromebooks from being damaged when students place them in the cart or take them out.
  • The top of the unit has a non-skid surface and can double as an additional work surface.


  • The slots are only 11 ¾ inches deep.
  • This rolling charging station is more expensive than other similar models.
  • Since it locks, it may be more challenging to send students to grab their own laptops when they need them.

Fat Catalog Storage Cart Design

Best for: Teachers who need a large charging solution with a built-in extra work/display surface.

Buying Options


Other Useful Accessories

Looking for some other products that can help you with keeping your Chromebooks and other devices organized and ready for student use? Here are a few of my recommendations.

1. Multiple USB Charger →

Multiple Charger for Smartphones, Tablets, and MoreA multiple USB charger, like this one from Veebon makes it possible to charge multiple devices at the same time. This charger offers eight ports that each will deliver the exact current required by each specific device. This offers a safe and efficient charging. The charger also features and LCD display that allows you to monitor the status of each device.

This model is designed to protect your devices with its built-in overload, overheat, overcharge, overcurrent, surge, and short circuit protections. It is also compatible with most USB devices, making it a great addition to any classroom.

2. Glass Screen Protector →

Glass Screen Protector for Acer Chromebook (11.6 inch)When you have kids of any age, investing in glass screen protector is essential. Accidents happen, and it is inevitable that devices will get dropped or bumped. With a screen protector, you won’t have to worry so much about this happening. This screen protector from Spigen is designed for Acer Chromebook.

It features a premium tempered glass with 9H hardness to protect the entire device. It also prevents oil and fingerprints thanks to oleophobic coating.

3. Laptop Sleeve →

Protective Case for LaptopsIf your students will be carrying their Chromebooks around or bringing them back and forth between home and school, be sure to grab some laptop cases in addition to the charging station. A sleeve offers padding to protect laptops from being damaged when carried around in a student’s backpack.

These sleeves from BGJOY come in three sizes to accommodate 7-, 13-, and 17-inch Chromebooks and other devices. They have a slim design, so they won’t take up extra space in a student’s backpack.


Useful Links


Final Thoughts on the Best Laptop Charging Carts

Technology has changed the face of education. With all the extra technology in your room, finding the right solutions to keep everything organized and easily accessible by students is essential.

A charging station or cart to hold laptops or Chromebooks is one easy solution that can help improve the flow and organization for your room.

Which of the laptop charging carts or charging stations that I shared do you think offers the best fit for your needs? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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