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5 Reasons to Use Vyond for Creating eLearning Videos

Vyond makes creating engaging eLearning videos a breeze with its easy-to-use tools.

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By Scott Winstead

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If you need to create eLearning videos for any application, having the right tool is incredibly important. As someone who’s tried countless video creation tools, I can tell you that they’re definitely not all created equal.

In my experience, you should look for a tool that’s not only intuitive but also packed with features that cater specifically to eLearning needs.

Vyond stands out in this regard, offering a versatile platform that makes creating engaging and informative videos easy and, dare I say, fun.

In the article below, I’d like to outline some of the reasons I think Vyond is perfect for ideal choice for instructional designers, educators, and anyone else who wants to focus more on content and less on grappling with complex software.

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1. Powerful AI Features

Vyond’s latest generative AI (GenAI) features have totally revolutionized the video creation process, making it easier than ever before for anyone to create professional, engaging videos in practically no time at all.

New AI video creation technology goes beyond rapidly producing initial video drafts; it also streamlines the animation of complex movements and generates assets from scratch with just a simple prompt.

Users can now turn employee headshots into animated characters, remove backgrounds, and enhance voice recordings with ease.

Vyond’s AI-powered asset generator can create virtually any image you conceive. Simply enter your description into the prompt box—whether it’s a student jumping rope, a dinosaur eating pizza, or any other imaginative scene—and watch as it quickly brings your vision to life.

These AI-driven functionalities ensure that your eLearning videos are not only visually appealing but also highly effective in conveying information.

2. A Wide Range of Templates

One of my favorite things about Vyond is its extensive library of templates, catering to various needs such as compliance training, onboarding, and more.

Vyond’s extensive library of templates offers a high-quality solution for anyone looking to create engaging eLearning animations, whether for stakeholders, employees, or potential customers.

With hundreds of options available, Vyond provides templates for a variety of video needs—from onboarding new employees and updating company policies to teaching skills and sending holiday greetings.

Each template comes equipped with storylines, images, characters, props, and other digital assets, designed to make your content vibrant and effective. These templates are visually appealing from the start, allowing you to easily tailor them to convey your business’s unique narrative.

Vyond templates provide a solid foundation for creating professional eLearning videos that capture and retain learners’ attention.

3. Incredibly Easy to Use

Vyond makes video creation accessible to users of all skill levels with its products.

Vyond Studio allows for drag-and-drop editing with thousands of props, actions, and expressions. Meanwhile,

Vyond Go enables users to create scripts and videos instantly from quick prompts.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced video creator, Vyond’s platforms are designed to simplify the process and make video creation enjoyable.

4. Affordable Pricing

Video creation tools can be incredibly expensive, but I’ve found Vyond to offer one of the best values out there.

Vyond offers competitive pricing starting at $25/month per user, making it an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes.

This pricing includes access to Vyond Go and a host of powerful features, ensuring excellent value for money.

Additionally, Vyond offers a two-week free trial with access to most new features, allowing users to explore the platform’s capabilities before committing to a subscription.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

Vyond is a very scalable and flexible tool that can handle the needs of small enterprises and large corporations alike.

Its extensive customization options and brand management tools ensure that videos remain consistent with your company’s branding.

Enterprise and Agency plan users benefit from the Brand Management Suite, which allows for easy sharing of brand assets, creating watermarks, advanced team collaboration options, and requiring approvals for content distribution.

Vyond’s scalability also expands out to its support for multilingual and global use.

Vyond supports scriptwriting in over 70 languages, making it an ideal tool for multinational companies and educational institutions.

This feature ensures that your eLearning videos can reach and resonate with a diverse audience, enhancing the impact of your training programs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to creating eLearning videos, the right tool is everything. As someone who’s tried just about everything out there, Vyond is one I’d recommend to anybody with confidence.

Vyond combines innovative AI features, a wide range of templates, user-friendly interfaces, and competitive pricing to offer a comprehensive solution for eLearning video creation.

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