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Why Businesses Should Get Their Employees DataCamp Certified

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By Scott Winstead

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Data-driven decisions are the underlying foundation of every successful company.

When you’re capable of interpreting your organization’s data, you become better equipped at making good, evidence-based decisions for your business.

Yet interpreting data – and using it effectively – can be a challenge for many organizations.

A recent Accenture study revealed that 3 out of every 4 of employees feel “unhappy or overwhelmed” when working on data-related tasks.

Other studies have found that large companies tend to use only 40% of their data, reflecting a huge margin of lost opportunity.

This is because many employees lack key data literacy skills.

As the name suggests, data literacy means being able to read, analyze, and communicate a company’s data in order to improve outcomes.

Just as being literate doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be an award-winning author, basic data literacy doesn’t have to leave your employees’ heads spinning.

Instead, a foundation of data literacy will provide them with the confidence they need to manage data and make it work for the company.

When you emphasize data literacy, you benefit every aspect of your business, from ROI to client satisfaction to employee retention.

Keeping up with best data practices also helps your organization stay competitive in a world of fast-paced technology and AI developments.

Many companies want to ensure robust data literacy across their teams, but aren’t sure where to begin.

Whether you employ a few dozen people or several thousand, it can feel overwhelming to provide data literacy training that’s actually meaningful and effective for each individual.

This is why more businesses are turning to DataCamp certification programs to ensure that their employees are armed with all the strategies they need for success.

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What is DataCamp for Business?

Data Science, Data Literacy and AI Training for Your Business | DataCamp Data Science, Data Literacy and AI Training for Your Business | DataCamp

Upgrade your business with top-notch data and AI proficiencies. DataCamp for Business can help you and your team hone your data science and AI skills, so you can gain deeper insights and improve decision-making.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

DataCamp for Business is an all-inclusive learning platform aimed at building data literacy across a wide variety of industries.

Backed by experts and favored by 80% of Fortune 1000 companies, DataCamp has been proven successful at helping businesses put their data to work.

This is because DataCamp offers some of the most comprehensive courses available, taught by professionals from companies like Facebook, Spotify, and Nike.

The courses are designed by top industry experts and tailored to address the areas where your company’s data literacy needs improvement.

DataCamp provides a wide array of helpful resources to get your data literacy on track.

In addition to offering high-quality certification courses for your employees, they also offer an in-depth data literacy report designed to educate you on best data practices, as well as personalized business demos that help you pinpoint exactly what your company needs to succeed.

Read on to learn more about how DataCamp offerings might be the missing piece to your company’s puzzle.


What Certifications Does DataCamp Offer?

DataCamp offers certification programs for employees at both an associate and a professional level.

Associate-level courses are geared toward those who may be just starting out in the field.

This certification path is perfect for your entry-level employees who are still learning what data analysis is all about.

By completing the associate-level program, your employee will have a solid foundation of best data practices upon which to build their skills as they grow within your company.

The professional-level program, meanwhile, is aimed at employees who have at least two years of experience in their field.

Professional-level certifications build on previously mastered skills to give your employees a competitive edge and help them advance.

Both associate and professional level courses provide a Data Scientist track, as well as a Data Analyst track.

The process for each certification is designed to help your employees become better equipped at using data to solve real-world business problems to make your organization stronger.


How Does the Data Scientist Track Work?

DataCamp’s certification in Data Science is aimed at building the analytical and technical skills your employees need.

There is currently a shortage of effective data scientists, making this certification an excellent investment for employers who want to build their company value.

The Data Science certification involves passing exams on Data Management, Data Science Programming, Statistical Experimentation, Exploratory Analysis, Model Development, and Communication.

Sound like a lot?  It is!  DataCamp programs don’t skimp when it comes to ensuring that your employees are well-rounded and well-informed on every facet of data science.

There’s no need for prospective users to feel overwhelmed, however.

DataCamp is also home to a vast array of professional-level, expert-designed classes that can help your employees master each skill they need to ace their exams.

These courses can be taken based on specific data skills, such as Analysis or Programming.

There are also classes available for specific data programs, such as R or Python.

This makes it simple for every employee to gain the background knowledge and real-world practice they need to become masters of data science, regardless of where they begin.

Since each remote course also gives users the chance to interact and practice with live data professionals, you can rest assured that your employees are in good hands when it comes to training.

Rigorous assessments are only one part of the Data Science certification, however.

In order to complete the program, employees must also complete a coding challenge and a case study.

This ensures that your employees are able to actually apply the concepts they’ve mastered to real-world business problems, instead of simply passing multiple-choice tests.


How Does the Data Analyst Track Work?

DataCamp’s Data Analyst track follows a similar pathway to their offering for Data Science.

This certification, however, focuses more on the ability to collect, clean, and communicate insights related to data on both a small and large scale.

Equipping your company with confident data analysts is an excellent way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your organization’s numbers.

Skillful data analysts can read trends and generate meaningful insights about company data, which translates to better planning for your business’s future.

The Data Analyst certification program will put your employees through timed tests on Data Management, Exploratory Analysis, Analytics Fundamentals, Data Communication, Coding for Production, and Statistical Experimentation.

Just as with the Data Science track, DataCamp provides courses to support your employees through every step of these assessments.

Employees will prove their mastery of Python or R programming languages (or both) and show off their skills at processing, managing, and cleaning data.

Learners in the Data Analyst program will also complete a practical exam to prove their ability to adapt their understanding to real-world settings.

This element of the certification is invaluable, since being able to find viable solutions for real business problems is perhaps the most important part of being an effective data analyst.

Yet this is the part most other course providers leave out.

Perhaps this is why DataCamp’s data analytics certification was recently rated #1 by Forbes.


How is a Certification Different from a Certificate?

Clearly, your company has a lot to gain from DataCamp’s Data Scientist and Data Analyst certification programs.

Encouraging employees to complete these certifications can boost data literacy across your entire organization.  These programs lay the groundwork for better data-related decisions in every aspect of your business.

DataCamp’s certifications are also valuable to your employees as individuals.

Though we might often hear “certification” and “certificate” used interchangeably, the two qualifications are actually very different.

An employee can typically earn a certificate for completing any company-led educational offering.

These certificate-based trainings tend to be provided by the company one works for, and are most often self-paced and relatively low stakes.

While achieving a certificate in an area of study does show that an employee followed through and completed the course, it’s a fairly subjective achievement that doesn’t indicate a particular level of mastery.

A certification, meanwhile, is far more rigorous.  (Scroll back up and look at DataCamp’s requirements again if you have any doubts!)

Certification requires individuals to meet standards set by industry professionals.  This means that to become certified, an individual must meet certain demanding criteria set by experts in the field.

Meeting these criteria typically requires employees to pass proctored tests and professional-level interviews, rather than simply clicking through self-paced learning modules.

A certification also requires renewal, since it implies an up-to-date understanding of content and application.

Essentially, certifications require more work, because they signify more value.


Is Certification a Worthwhile Step for Your Employees?

Though certification isn’t necessarily easy, it’s an excellent opportunity for employers to offer in their workplaces.

There’s no better way to boost data literacy in your company than by giving your employees the chance to study, train, practice, and prove themselves.

Certified employees have proven that they know their stuff, which makes them more of an asset to your company.

These employees are better equipped to take on any challenges that may arise in their field.

By encouraging your employees to become DataCamp certified, you’re also empowering them with in-demand skills for today’s job market.

This will strengthen your employee satisfaction rate while advancing your overall level of data literacy.

When employers provide their teams with opportunities to advance, grow, and master new skills, they create an atmosphere that keeps people around.

No one wants to leave a workplace that offers them the ability to learn and practice cutting-edge skills.

This is why DataCamp certifications are an especially wise option for companies looking to maximize their growth and employee retention rate through data literacy.


How Can I Get Started?

DataCamp certifications can benefit just about any sized company, so don’t hesitate to jump right in.

Downloading DataCamp’s Data Literacy report is a great way to begin learning about people-driven strategies your company can adopt to motivate employees to build their skills.

Another proven method to get the ball rolling is by booking a DataCamp for Business demo.  These demos can help pinpoint the areas where your company’s data literacy can use the most improvement.

Demos help DataCamp provide you with customized pathways to help your employees level up their data skills.

Following your demo, you can encourage your employees to take the necessary courses they need to work their way through the certification process.

Glowing reviews (we’re talking 4.5/5 star average ratings) from the more than 11 million DataCamp users prove that these are steps worth taking.

DataCamp certified employees add value to your company, help you make better decisions for the future, and are more likely to remain loyal to your organization.

It doesn’t take a background in analysis, then, to see why DataCamp certification is such a valuable option.

Click here to learn more about DataCamp for Business.

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